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Realise the asset value tied up in your disused/surplus Microsoft licence agreements

There may be a number of reasons why you no longer require your licence agreements. You could be planning a new installation / upgrade to Microsoft's latest versions of Office or Server products. You may have licences that your company no longer needs due to restructuring. Whatever the reason, the licence agreements that your company owns may be transferable and as such retain a residual value - we really value licensing and its previously hidden benefits.

Depending on the type of product and version, Discount-Licensing will look to offer your business a residual value for an asset that would otherwise continue being ignored. Note that the licences in question must be contained within either a Microsoft 'Open', 'Select' or 'Enterprise' volume licence agreement. The licences must be perpetual (not subscription) and paid for in full.

What happens next?

Once we receive details of the licences that your company wishes to divest / trade in, Discount-Licensing will confirm whether the licences can be transferred legally and carry any value (all details are kept strictly confidential). Discount-Licensing may then supply your company with an offer for the licence agreement(s).

In order to establish whether it is possible to divest your licences, simply submit your details (product, quantity) and we will respond within 24 hours.

Trade in your Microsoft software licences to buy discounted 2013/2012 versions

You may be migrating to the most current version or simply doubting the value of Software Assurance. Even if we do not have the most current version in stock, Discount-Licensing also offers a cost effective ‘trade-in’ solution for businesses wanting to move to the most current Office or Server product etc. For instance, we will supply your business with Windows Server 2012 at discounted prices in the region of 20%. This offer is made on the condition that your business has valid ‘volume’ (‘Open’ or ‘Select’ or 'Enterprise') licences to trade in i.e.: Windows Server 2008. Submit your details (product, quantity) and we will respond within 24 hours.

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