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Insolvency Practitioners / Case Managers: Key Facts

Discount-Licensing (formerly known as Disclic) was notably the first company to specialise in remote audits, which identifies software licence assets attached to insolvent companies that can have a monetary value. Discount-Licensing has developed a stable pre-owned software licensing market and has assisted 100’s of Insolvency Practitioners in realising a value in an asset that was previously overlooked - we value licensing more than the hardware, upon which it has been installed.

In contrast to other IT orientated agents, Discount-Licensing has unique access to comprehensive licensing data, which allows accurate and prompt identification of companies that own software licensing. Consequently we do not spend unnecessary time on site visits to establish which insolvencies own software licences. We are able to remotely audit insolvencies and supply valuations that may lead to offers to purchase the licence assets owned by the insolvency. This provides the most cost effective way of realising the software licence asset by saving time, effort and money for the Insolvency Practitioner.

As a business, Discount-Licensing possesses the necessary technical, legal, and commercial knowledge / experience  required by this specialist software licensing market. Discount-Licensing has developed processes to identify and transfer software licensing for products from suppliers such as Microsoft and SAP. Further information about the early development of this market can be found by reading the following article written by founder and Managing Director, Noel Unwin.

With no other UK business employing a team that has the same level of pre-owned software licensing expertise, Discount-Licensing will generate a realistic residual value from the intangible software licence assets owned by your clients.

How can we increase the value of your insolvent cases?

Discount-Licensing offers a professional ‘all in one’ solution for Insolvency Practitioners and Case Managers. There is no fee charged for this service but in return, it is understood that any licensing information supplied by Discount-Licensing is done so on a strictly confidential basis. There are two ways that you can access this free service:

1. We are able to identify insolvencies that have purchased software licensing previously because we have unique access to comprehensive licensing data. Each month, we will approach the relevant Insolvency Practitioner / Case Manager and request authority to investigate companies further using our standard processes;

2. Alternatively, you may have a number of insolvencies that you believe would be the type of company that owns software licences or else feel that you would benefit from our professional services. If this is the case and we have not approached you about your case(s), simply complete our enquiry form or send a brief email to listing the companies that you would like us to investigate.

The free service that we offer to Insolvency Practitioners includes:

A ‘no fee’ software licensing audit to identify potential licensing assets.

Any insolvent company could own software licences that retain a value; however the value is often dependant on the size and nature of their business. Because of our access to extensive licensing data and knowledge of the market we are able to provide a fast and accurate remote audit of any UK business. This audit allows us to establish a breakdown of the software licences owned by the insolvent company without having to enter their premises. This service removes the need for Insolvency Practitioners and Case Managers to spend valuable time investigating this area of the business allowing them to focus on their core priorities. Even if a case has no value there are no unnecessary costs incurred by the Insolvency Practitioner.

An assessment of the transfer potential of any software assets discovered by the audit.

Due to our experience and the partnerships we have formed within this specialist market we are able to quickly establish whether the licences found during the audit can be transferred. Our extensive knowledge enables us to ensure that the specific criteria and rules for transfers, as defined by the software manufacturer for each licensing program, are met. If they are not transferable there are no costs incurred by the Insolvency Practitioner.

A potential offer to purchase provided the assets in question are transferable and saleable.

In cases that have licences with value and meet the transfer conditions, an offer to purchase will be made by When both parties are in agreement, the licences will be purchased like any other tangible asset. Discount-Licensing has Professional Indemnity insurance in place to provide security for the entire channel including Insolvency Practitioners. We also recognise that Insolvency Practitioners act without personal liability regarding subsequent licence transfers.

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