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SAP AG leads the German market in enterprise resource planning (ERP). ERP software is often the core element of the company as this software usually administrates all the essential processes within a company, from production to accounting. A single blackout or just a short interruption of the function within most ERP software can knock a company out and incapacitate it. Such dependence on the implemented ERP software manufacturer could be threatening to your business.

There are many conventional software traders operating within the SAP market and difficult to choose between one and the other invariably comes down to price. In parallel to Discount-Licensing pioneering the pre-owned Microsoft licensing market, Susensoftware has mastered the procurement of disused SAP software licences. Discount-Licensing has partnered up with Susensoftware GmbH, whose product portfolio is unique in that the client’s company is not restricted by the software giant, with for instance a ’Partner Agreement’.

Divesting SAP Licences: Where do the licences come from?

1. Insolvent companies;

2. Leasing companies – leasing returns includes software that was provided by a leasing company to a 3rd party for a limited period of time. The software is returned after the expiration of contract;

3. Solvent companies - disused software often occurs as a result of migration, mergers, restructuring, downsizing and moving to a different software manufacturer or simply mis-management of the IT creating surplus licences.

What will you receive with regards to SAP product delivery and maintenance?

Primarily it is necessary to distinguish between support and maintenance. The software manufacturer offers product support on the basis of the seller’s warranties, which typically can be used without restrictions by all licencees. For instance, this includes the correction of software errors in the form of patches.

In addition, several software manufactures, especially SAP AG, offer maintenance (for a fee). For the licensee, this invariably facilitates greater stability with regards to the use of the software.

Whether maintenance is provided, or even necessary, depends on the implemented software product. In order to guarantee the quality and reliability of its software products after the initial licence purchase, SAP has for instance, committed itself to provide maintenance to its customers, which includes secondary SAP software. Alternatively, Discount-Licensing can now offer a more cost-effective maintenance solution for SAP R/3 systems through its alliance with Susensoftware and its partners.

Recycling SAP licences: How do you make a purchase?

1. Submit an Enquiry: It takes only a few minutes to submit a General Enquiry or make a Quick Enquiry located on the left hand side of any page throughout this site and confirm which contract you use (SAP R/3, mySAP Business Suite, mySAP ERP);

2. Quotation: Upon receipt of your enquiry, we will check our stocks against your requirements and send you a non-binding and confidential offer;

3. Purchase Order: A formal PO is required, at which time we will take it that you have the responsibility to place an order on behalf of your company. The SAP software licences are ordered in conjunction with the SAP maintenance offer for the respective licenses (in the event that maintenance is necessary). Once the maintenance is confirmed, you will receive the invoice for the purchase of software licence product;

4. Product Delivery: A ‘Software Licence Pack’ will be supplied, which will contain the contractual documentation required to prove ownership and usage rights;

5. Payment: Upon delivery of the Software Licence Pack, you are contractually obligated to make payment. Once full payment is made, the legal transfer of ownership is complete. 

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