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Following the European Court of Justice ruling (Case C-128/11 - 3rd July 2012), Oracle’s perpetual business software became legally available for resale within the secondary software licence market.  As with other software vendor’s perpetual Volume ‘on-premise’ software (Microsoft, SAP), a company’s disused, surplus or redundant Oracle products can provide a residual value to the original buyer and a discounted product for a separate 3rd party business regardless of the vendor’s Licence Agreement terms.  The recycling process follows the same principle of reselling perpetual Microsoft Volume and SAP software licences with all legal transactions working within the confines of the EU Software Directive 2009/24/EC.

Oracle specialises in Enterprise software products, particularly its own brands of database management systems, which includes a wide range of integrated business software.  Dependant on the availability of the pre-owned stock, Discount-Licensing is able to supply some of Oracle’s wide range of business software at more affordable prices than the conventional reseller channels, which encompasses the following family of Oracle software products:


  • Database software

  • Middleware

  • Applications software

  • Enterprise Management software

  • Development software

  • Operating System


For more information on the specific products and pricing, please send us an enquiry or call one of our sales professionals on +44 (0)845 475 5959.

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