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AVG Licensing: Complete Business Internet Protection

As an authorised AVG reseller in the UK, Discount-Licensing is able to offer your business complete office based internet protection at more affordable prices. Key Products include:

  • AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2012

  • AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012

  • AVG Mobilation for Android

Staff will bring personal hardware such as Smartphones and laptops into the office and what gets plugged into your network is only as clean as the home system.  Businesses are more ‘internet-active’, working remotely and using the internet in a variety of ways to communicate, trade, bank; to work on-the-go.  Do not expose yourself unnecessarily.

Five Reasons to Buy AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012:

  1. Leading web protection: with AVG LinkScanner. LinkScanner actively checks linked web pages in real time before you visit them;

  2. Social networking protection: check the links in messages posted on sites like Facebook and is unique to AVG;

  3. Enhanced protection: against phishers and server-based spam keeps your email system running smoothly;

  4. Protect your identity: with AVG Identity Protection, which uses the latest behavioural technologies to identify threats and stop them before they can do any damage;

  5. Easy to install and use: AVG is light on resources.

Please send your enquiry through for more details or call one of our representatives on +44 (0)845 475 5959.

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