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How does this work?

Discount-Licensing's core business is to identify disused/surplus Microsoft 'Volume' software licences ('Select' / 'Open' / 'Enterprise') from European (EEA) solvent and insolvent organisations, which are then sold/transferred at discounted rates to businesses whom are growing, migrating or experiencing a licence shortfall. Our business warrants that all software licences originate from an EEA source and we will provide proof of ownership for every purchase/sale in accordance with the EU Software Directive 2009/24/EC.

What Microsoft products do we provide?

Browse through our licensing product categories and you will see Microsoft Application or Server products of all versions. This includes all editions of Office as well as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and Windows Server products. We also supply more specialised applications such as Project, Visio, Biztalk, CRM etc. As a Microsoft partner and reseller, Discount-Licensing can supply "new" licences (sourced directly through the conventional Microsoft distributors) in cases where the customer's requirement cannot be fulfilled 100% through the pre-owned channels.  Whilst Discount-Licensing's core business is to recycle digital/electronic Microsoft 'Volume' software licences, we do work with other software manufacturers products such as SAP.

New Installations and Licence Compliance

Companies may purchase pre-owned licensing either for new software installations or when a company realises that it is not licence compliant (before or after a Software Asset Management audit - SAM). A company has the legal right to purchase either pre-owned and/or new licensing in order to correct its non-licence compliant position ongoing.

EU Court Landmark Ruling:
Legalities of Second-Hand Software Re-affirmed

July 2012: The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) has upheld the General Advocate's opinion and
ruled that intangible software can be resold regardless of the vendor's transfer provision.

Office 2007 = Office 2010
Why pay more to migrate to Office 2010?

As the following comparison document demonstrates ('Fact Sheet - Microsoft Office'),
few changes were introduced when Microsoft launched Office 2010.

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Trade in your Disused Software Licences: Open, Select & Enterprise

Discount-Licensing can offer your company an immediate residual value for the most current
Microsoft Office Application and Server products.

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A Guide to Second-hand Software

'A Guide to Second-hand Software’ examines the market dynamics, business models,
seeks to dispel the myths and reaffirm of legalities of the pre-owned software licence industry.